Hi Guys, I'm Tania, a 21 year old living in Hong Kong who loves to bake! I started this blog to share my baking experiences as well as other tidbits here and there about any food adventures I've had.
#BakerTanz was born in March 2014 whilst I was studying for my degree in London at the London School of Economics.  Its here where I discovered how much I enjoyed baking. While living in halls in my first year, one of my flatmates and I decided to make some cupcakes (they tasted pretty awful!) and decorate them, and I discovered how much I enjoyed the whole process and how calming it was I've been hooked ever since....

I hope you'll find my blog a fun and friendly place for you to explore your passion for baking. I am a self taught baker, learning through my own experiences and have only been baking consistent for just over a year now. Im still constantly learning new things and improving my skills, so I always try to make this blog and my recipes approachable for new and experienced bakers alike.

I hope that you'll find that most of my recipes are fairly quick and easy. Since I used to be a full time student and am now following other ventures which take up a lot of my time,  I prefer simple, no fuss recipes that yield amazing results!

And just a little about me...my favourite dessert is any kind of gooey cookie, my favourite TV show is Grey's Anatomyand I can pretty much quote every episodes of Friends (seriously). When I'm not spending time with friends or working, you can usually find me baking in the kitchen or reading away on my iPad!