Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas Sugar Cookies

The perfect Christmas treat and gift - simple decorating ideas for Christmas Sugar Cookies!

Now that its officially the holiday season (yay!), it was time to whip out the good old cookie cutters. As per the norm, I use my super awesome fantastic sugar cookie recipe to make the cookie base which you can find here. You're welcome. 

Sooo, lets get right to it. GOLD. LEAF. is. the. best. thing. ever. I think that pretty much sums it up. I can't explain how much I've been enjoying experimenting with this stuff. Just a tiny sprinkling of it completely transforms and lifts whatever it is you're decorating. It works beautifully on cookies as you can see - but pretty much on anything out there as well. Seriously, let your imagination run wild.

So for you all today, I wanted to share a few easy ideas for decorating that are perfect for beginners using just a few decorating materials. A cookie glaze (water and icing sugar), food colouring and gold leaf. 

After I applied the glaze by dipping the cookies into it, I let them dry and used food colour gel mixed with vanilla extract to lightly paint on some to get a watercolour effect. Using a small knife and a paint brush I applied the gold leaf to complete them. 

Happy Baking!

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