Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Sugar Cookie Decoration

Simple DIY sugar cookie decorating tips, tricks and ideas

With it officially being summer, I thought I'd share some quick and easy decorating ideas and tips to make fun and quirky sugar cookies! You can find my sugar cookie recipe here

Personally I think that running with a theme is a good idea. When I was playing around I definitely went for a Parisian theme. One of the most important and effective tools is to have interesting cookie cutters. It is the most simple and hassle free way to make your cookies interesting and once you have them there are so many topping decorations that you can experiment with. 

* You can find the link to my cookie cutter blog post and where I bought mine here.

Paris Sugar Cookies

For the Parisian cookies I experimented a lot with royal icing and colourful little balls decorations and wanted to go for the very ornate look. I was particularly happy with the plaque style cookies as I think the 3D decoration using candy melts and moulds gave them an added something. 3D cookies is definitely something that I want to experiment with more.

I have to say that the moustache cookies were my favourite. I think a good tip would always be to keep it simple. I did 9 decorative variations using the same moustache cutter and I think they look so much more professional this way! Out of all I think that my favourite would be the one with pale blue royal icing and then covered in sprinkles - this was actually the quickest and easiest to decorate. 

By no means were these cookies professional but it was so fun getting out all my decorating stuff I had lying around. I literally took out everything I could find - sprinkles, glitter and all!

I hope that you get some inspiration and try out your own! (PS. yes I know my stache photo is cool)

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