Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Wiltons Decorating Course: Part III

Hey Guys! I just completed course 3 of the Wiltons decorating course. The emphasis of this course was on using gum paste and fondant to make a variety of flowers and how to cover a cake in fondant.

My Final Cake: 

I was definitely looking forwards to this course as gum paste flowers definitely tend to have a more realistic look to them and handling gum paste and fondant is a lot less fussy and messy than having to deal with royal icing and buttercream!

In the first class, we learned the basics of how to handle and work with fondant and we were able to create a fondant bow that would be a great cake topper for party cakes. We also started making the bases for gum paste flowers as the the flower buds must be dry before petals can be added on, otherwise the shape may go lop sided or just collapse.

In the second class  we learned how to properly assemble flowers including the carnation, calla lily, rose, daisy and mum as well as leaves. All of these flowers were created with cutters and sculpting tools and I can genuinely say that they were so easy to make compared to the flowers in course 1 and 2 which use buttercream and royal icing.


With royal icing and buttercream, there is definitely a technique that has to be mastered in order to get  neat flowers whereas with these gum paste and fondant flowers, as long as the instructions are followed correctly, you are guaranteed to have very realistic flowers as the outcome.

In the final class, we covered our cake boards and cake with a smooth layer of fondant and were taught how to stop the fondant from cracking and how to achieve a smooth finish without any air pockets. We then decorated our cakes using all of the gum paste flowers that we had created.

Personally, I am not a fan of covering a cake in fondant. Although it gives a much smoother and more professional finish, I do not particularly enjoy the taste of fondant and much prefer to frost my cake with buttercream. However, in terms of flower decorations, I would definitely lean towards using gum paste as it is easier to work with and gives a much more realistic appearance. Also, gum paste flowers can keep for a very long time, so flowers can be made in advance and used when needed.

Overall, I was very happy with my experience and results from course 3 and when I have the chance, I would like to finish off course 4 so that I would have completed all of the Wiltons decorating courses!

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