Saturday, 30 August 2014

Wiltons Decorating Course: Part II

Hey Guys! I just completed the second Wiltons decorating course and thought I'd share some of the things we worked on as well as my final cake! This course definitely built on what was learnt in course 1. In course two you are expected to know how to properly make buttercream as well as be able to neatly frost a cake and make some basic borders and flowers. 

Photo I: Group photo with all my classmates and our final cakes! 

The focus of the second course moved towards royal icing and its useful properties in cake decorating. We learnt that royal icing is the best option when piping flowers due to its smooth consistency and the fact that it does dry relatively hard, therefore making them easy to handle. 

In the first class, we actually took a detour from royal icing and learnt how to make some basic fondant flowers, however I personally felt like this belonged in course 3 and felt it was a bit of a waste to include it in course 2 when the focus could have been on royal icing. 

Photo II: My final cake at the end of class 4 

In classes 2 and 3, the focus was completely on making royal icing flowers that could be included onto our final cakes! We learnt a wide variety including apple blossoms, daisies, the classic wilton rose and more.

 In the final class, we learnt how to decorate a cake using the basket weave piping technique. I have to admit I was really impressed at how simple but effecting the weave was in making a cake look professional and impressive! Once the basket weave was completed on the sides of the cake, we just placed and positioned the royal icing flowers we had made from class 2 and 3 onto our cakes to our satisfaction! 

Overall, I was really happy with the course experience and I did see progression from course 1 to 2. I think I also enjoyed this one more as I continued onto course 2 with those who I did course 1 with, therefore we already had a fun environment as a group. Our instructor was also such a crucial person in this situation as it was her friendly and encouraging manner that allowed me to fully enjoy this course.  I'd definitely recommend this to anyone - experienced or not - who wants to develop their decorating skills in terms of icing and piping. 

Photo III & IV: Final cakes of my classmates

Wiltons Decorating Course 2 Cake

Wiltons Decorating Course 2 Cake

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