Saturday, 3 May 2014

Silicone Molds Haul

Hi Guys! I thought I'd just write a quick posts today about silicone molds. I know that its quite a strange topic to write about but I thought I should since I love mine and use the so often! Silicone molds are heatproof and made of out flexible material which make them so easy to use and reduces the chance of not being able to get something out of them! Recently I've been loving to use my molds to make chocolates, cake decorations and even mini ice-creams! The great thing about them is that they're relatively cheap to buy, especially off Amazon and there is an endless array of options available. I think that the results from using silicone molds look really professional and posh while still being very simple to use!

Silicone Molds
As you can see, I have quite a few that I've collected over the year! I have to admit, my favourite is definitely the one of the top left, I absolutely love the flower shapes for spring time! I recently made some spring chocolates out of them which you can see here! I've had the heart and star molds for years - I originally bought them as ice cube molds but when I started baking I thought they'd be great for shaping things!

My newest one is the yellow one on the top. Its not that clear what it is but its actually mini teacups and saucers with pretty patterns on them! I saw them in Hong Kong and just HAD to buy them! I cant wait to give that mold a go. Im thinking of making them out of dark chocolate and then filling the cups with nuts or some kind of fruit filling. I think they would be absolutely adorable as gifts for someone or to make as a party snack!

The two blue ones in the middle, I actually bought from lakeland in the UK. They have such a wide range of baking and decorating products but I fell in the love with the mini buttons and happy birthday mold. I love using the buttons to decorate the tops of cupcakes. I think they look really pretty and make a statement and at the same time are so easy to accomplish! I adore the happy birthday mold as well - it perfect for making birthday cake toppers and even birthday lollipops for friends! I think its always handy to have these on hand as when I need a quick fix I can always turn to this option as its so quick and easy!

To buy some of the molds I have click here and here!

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