Saturday, 12 April 2014

Baking Haul

Hey guys!  So recently I’ve just come home to Hong Kong for the holidays before I have to head back to London to sit my exams! I decided to go check out if there were any baking supplies and tools that I could find here that were special to Hong Kong and that I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else!

I usually prefer to buy all my baking equipment in the UK or off Amazon because they definitely have a much larger range of equipment available then there is in Hong Kong since home baking is not as huge a ‘thing’ over here. There aren’t really any stores in Hong Kong that are just dedicated to baking supplies so I went and checked out a couple of high end supermarkets but was pretty disappointed with what I found. It was pretty much the same things you can find in the UK but at a much higher price.

Someone suggested that I go check out a Jusco (Living Plaza by AEON) – which in Hong Kong is one of those stores where everything is around the same price ($12HKD or £1) and where they sell a massive variety of products from stationary and groceries to home accessories and kitchen equipment. I wasn’t too sure I would find anything but I went anyway and it was definitely worth it! I think I pretty much hit the baking equipment jackpot!

So, I thought I’d share what I bought with you all. Not only did I get baking equipment, I also got a lot of trimmings, decorations and props that can be used when photographing 
food - which is such an important aspect if you blog like me!

Baking Equipment

For the actual baking equipment, I got a lot of basics. I bought a lot of rubber and plastic spatulas as well as a whisk, tongs, pallet knives and paintbrushes for detail work. I also got some basic cookie cutter shapes likes stars and hearts! I also managed to get a couple of mini baking tins – one a mini loaf and the other a mini round. Oh, and I also purchased an oven mitt set because I thought the pattern was so cute! I think I was most excited about all the spatulas because for some reason I always feel those are expensive in the UK and I got all of these for £1 only!

Baking Decorations
I also bought some props and decorations! I definitely went towards a very floral theme as I think that’s so pretty for spring! I picked up quite a range of fake flowers, which I think would look lovely in photo backgrounds as well as on top of a large cake as an easy decoration. I also got some pretty trays that cupcakes and cookies could go on to serve and to photograph! I tend to always lean towards white as I think the food just stands out so nicely against a white backing.

They also had these really adorable napkins (the cupcake and roses ones) that I just couldn’t resist! I’m not too sure what I’m going to use them for but I just couldn’t resist them!  I additionally got some patterned clear little bags that you can wrap cake pops or cookies in to give away! I thought they were perfect for when I make treats for friends or when having to give gifts! Finally I got some rolls of patterned tape. I didn’t really buy those to do anything with my baking but I do have a slight obsession with them so I just bought pretty much all of them (I justified them to myself! Only £1 right?). However I did get use out of some of my older ones when I used them on my cookie bars!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this haul and I’ll link the website (although you can't shop on there) and the address of the Jusco I visited! 

Click here to go to the Jusco website

Living PLAZA by AEON North Point Shop, Portion of B/F, Metropole Building, 416-426 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong.

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