Friday, 28 March 2014

Inter-University Bake Off

Hey guys, so I've got some pretty exciting news - last week I entered my very first baking competition! I'm a student at LSE and a couple weeks back I found out they, along with several other London universities, were hosting a bake-off. The money raised from the night would be donated to a charity that raises awareness for ovarian cancer and I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to not only do what I love but also contribute towards a great cause!

Myself with my Rainbow Cupcakes
As this was my first ‘official’ type of competition (even though it was only a university one!), I was pretty nervous about entering! Opening yourself up to criticism is never easy, no matter what it is you’re being judged on so I was definitely happy to have brought my best friend along. I think it is really important to bring a friend along for support and company for these kinds of things!

I decided to make my rainbow cupcakes (which you can find here), because I was very comfortable making them and I thought they were just a really fun treat, which would appeal to a lot of people! Also, to make these a little more special, I altered the original recipe slightly and added an oreo into the middle of each cupcake!

Guests trying all the Entrants Desserts
How the competition worked was that there was a judges' prize as well as a separate popularity prize based on public's votes for each category. When I saw people coming in and picking up my cupcakes to try it was such a nervous but exciting feeling to see if they would like them. I think they all thought I must have been so strange, staring at them!

The Bake-Off Venue
In the end, I didn’t win any prizes (some of the entrants made AMAZING desserts), but I really enjoyed the experience! I met some really cool people and just from this alone, I learnt so many new things about baking techniques and I’m more excited than ever to continue learning about all things baking! Most importantly, we were able to raise money and raise awareness for Target Ovarian Cancer!

For more information or if you wish to donate to Target Ovarian Cancer, please visit:

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